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The Intrigue

So I was thinking earlier today.. There's been a lot of bad publicity about The Village, and probably everyone I know didn't really enjoy the movie or found it mediocre. And this really strikes me as odd. I mean I love the movie, for me it's probably one of the greatest films I've seen. So this is the question, what intrigued you about this movie? What makes it so special to you? Your theories.. Follow lj-cut for more.

I think this movie was so great (in my opinion) because
1) I'm a succer for love: I loved the romance between Ivy and Lucius (however silent it was) and between Noah and Ivy, because Noah had this devotional love for her (okay, and it was kind of a sick and twisted love) but still, he would do anything for her. *sigh* 'tis so sweet.
2)The Cinematography was beautiful: the way the trees were filmed and how the shots were angled and how the emotion was portrayed.
3)The soundtrack: The dark and eerie music really made the film, but I loved the violin music, it portrayed so much emotion in the movie.
4)The Cast: C'mon, you can't deny that it was an amazing cast of wonderful actors and actresses
5)The twist: I got the shock of my life when Ivy climbed over that wall and there was a tar road.. WHAT?! A tar road! And a car.. Suddenly my mind was swimming in realization that Night yet again made another twist!
6)The movie was from the heart: Night says it like it is, the movie focused on the beautiful things in life and how you want to protect it and at what lengths you'd go to do that.

Opinions, anyone?
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