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I've only seen 'The Village' once, but I love it. I thought it was so brilliant. I think, in a way, it can be compared to 'The Truman Show' because the theme of people trying to live in a world free of the outside and being 'actors and actresses' and believing they're right when they're morally wrong. In 'The Truman Show', they scare him with the fake drowning death of his father, to keep him there. In 'The Village', they scare everyone with the creatures in the woods, to keep them there. I wonder if S related to 'The Truman Show' when thinking up 'The Village'. I remember going "heck no!" when the camera zoomed in on the elders in the real world- I was shocked, lol. I thought it was brilliant. Anyways, I had some thoughts and questions about the movie.
1. Does anyone think its possible for someone to be done watching the movie and believe that Lucius had died?
2. Why couldn't Ivy's father and Lucius's mom get together?
3. At the end, when Kevin had the ladder up, is he thinking of looking over the wall/perimeter? He doesn;'t know what's beyond it?
4. Are the elders really so apathetic towards Noah's death, and the death of the child in the beginning, to allow those deaths to happen for the sake of their utopia?
5. What exactly does Ivy's father tell her in the shed and has her feel the 'creature costumes'? I was confused about that scene.

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