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I've only seen 'The Village' once, but I love it. I thought it was so brilliant. I think, in a way, it can be compared to 'The Truman Show' because the theme of people trying to live in a world free of the outside and being 'actors and actresses' and believing they're right when they're morally wrong. In 'The Truman Show', they scare him with the fake drowning death of his father, to keep him there. In 'The Village', they scare everyone with the creatures in the woods, to keep them there. I wonder if S related to 'The Truman Show' when thinking up 'The Village'. I remember going "heck no!" when the camera zoomed in on the elders in the real world- I was shocked, lol. I thought it was brilliant. Anyways, I had some thoughts and questions about the movie.
1. Does anyone think its possible for someone to be done watching the movie and believe that Lucius had died?
2. Why couldn't Ivy's father and Lucius's mom get together?
3. At the end, when Kevin had the ladder up, is he thinking of looking over the wall/perimeter? He doesn;'t know what's beyond it?
4. Are the elders really so apathetic towards Noah's death, and the death of the child in the beginning, to allow those deaths to happen for the sake of their utopia?
5. What exactly does Ivy's father tell her in the shed and has her feel the 'creature costumes'? I was confused about that scene.

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I felt the same way when I saw The Village for the first time, it's such an awesoem movie!
Let's see if I can help with your questions.

1) I don't think that many, if any, people thought Lucius died at the end. It just seemed way too optamistic that he lives, because Ivy got the medicine in time.
2) Ivy's dad is married still. I asked myself the same thing, because I didn't catch the reason at first, so don't feel bad :)
3) I think Kevin is more stunned than anything when Ivy shows up and leaves again. He has no idea what's behind the wall, he's just always thought it was a wildlife preserve. I'm betting after Ivy showed up though he ws currious about it.
4) This is one of the confusing questions I've had also. It makes you wonder if they'd actually change at the end of the movie and go back to living in the "real world", but I think that they believe that their decision is for the best still, even with a few tragidies.
5) He tells her the truth about the creatures being farse, that they were really the Elders doing everything. I'm pretty sure he didn't tell her the actual truth about them living in a differnt time period than other people, because she wouldn't have been so clueless about everything when she found "the towns".

Hope that helps :)
1) No, Ivy's tone is hopeful when she says 'I'm back' and you kind of think well duh, she's back, she's got the medicine, Lucius will be fine. SO I think everyone thought that he will live.
2)Because they made rules in The Village that there would be no sorts of crimes, and adultery is a crime to them so they couldn't jepordize their perfect Utopia by breaking these rules.
3) I guess, he was just totally knocked off his guard and stunned by what happened.
4)The death of the child happened becuase there was no medicine (it had nothing to do with the elders), but yes, I think they sacrificed all that happened to keep that perfect utopia.
5)Ivy's father tells her that the creatures were all fake and that the elders designed them to make The Village believe that they had to stay within their borders, because they didn't want them exposed to the outside world.

edit: ooh, sorry tobyferret, I didn't see that you already answered the questions!
believing they're right when they're morally wrong

Hmmm. I wonder if this isn't open to debate. Is the wrong of the myths presented to each new generation in the Village truly immoral?
1. I find it tough to believe anyone could, after wishing Ivy along her hard journey and return
2. He had a wife.
3. He's full of thoughts... not sure what to do. Maybe days later he thought of "acting" on the thoughts.
4. They are incredibly torn. I'd assume, though, that they made lengthy vows to hold fast to the plan.
5. He's showing her that she'll be safe on her journey, not knowing about Noah's doings.