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Seeing Red

Hullo, everyone...I joined up a while ago and thought it was about time I introduced myself! Well, quite obviously, I'm a huge fan of The Village! I was lucky enough to see it twice at the cinema - like most of Shyamalan's films it's one of those things that needs to be seen more than once! Safe to say, on my first viewing, the film enthralled me and captured my imagination completely. I got such a strange, wistful feeling - with its melancholy atmosphere, haunting music and eerie creatures, I felt like someone had been inside my head and made a film just for me. Weird, I know, and often saddening, because the general impression I get from people I talk to is that the film is not liked, so it's lovely to be here in this community which such like-minded people.

My favourite elements of the film are the creatures themselves. They were eerie and threatening and just looked so darn cool. Now, like alot of fans I study this film as well as watch it, and have genuine reason to believe that there is an underlining reality to Those We Don't Speak Of, and at some point I shall post my theories in full. M Night makes his films with different layers to them, so that different people can interpret the stories in different ways. In The Village there are points in the film that, the more you think about them, they more they don't make sense, and M Night is far too clever to leave unintentional plot-holes, which leads me to believe that this is not a film that can be taken at face-value...
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Hello fellow breach borderer! ;) Yeah, I know exactly what you mean about that movie. I think the eerieness and melancholic atmosphere is what I love most about it. And I love the characters too, especially Ivy.

Hi there. I totally get your comment about the whistful nature of the movie. I think it's the director's best work. Do you have the soundtrack? It's a great C.D, and really helps recreate the mood of the film.

I loved the film so much I saw it 7 times at the theatre, all by myself because I needed to absorb it totally each time.