Ryan Charles C. (synthetic_vnv) wrote in breachedborders,
Ryan Charles C.

Im a huge fan of the village. Which is why it makes sense that yesterday, i drove 5 hours to a little town called Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. It was a beautiful little town, filled with rolling hills and shady backroads through miles and miles of woods and fields. I asked a woman at a fruit stand where a certain, now famous field was located in the town. She told me exactly which road to go down, and where to turn. I turned onto a driveway down one of the backroads. There was a sign that said "private drive." I was not supposed to be there. But it was too important. The driveway was long, and went up a hill. There were houses here and there. The driveway ended at the top of the hill by a fence, and a field. I got out of the car, walked over to the fence. I saw horses grazing on the field. And i saw a hill, a hill i didnt even know i would remember, but would not forget once i saw it with my own eyes, and not on a movie screen. This was the field where "the village" was filmed. I took a few pictures that have yet to be developed. Once I develope them, i will share them. Ask anything you want about the experience. It was certainly exciting for me.
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