Ryan (mapleleaves7in) wrote in breachedborders,

More pictures from my trip to the village site in Chadds Ford, PA.

The film was shot right over that hillside.

This is the picture from before, in it's entirety. Thats the field in the distance. When i saw that in the distance, i recognized it. But im still not sure which part of the movie its from.

This is a picture i took of a shed on the side of twaddle mill road, the road on which the private drive that leads to the village is on. This shed is a very important part of the film. When they first started working on the film, one of the first things they did is use the stone work of this shed, as well as other examples of stone work around the town, by taking moldings by pouring plaster on the stone work. With those moldings, they built some of the structures in the village. This particular shed was used to create the shed not to be used in the film. The shed not to be used used stone work that was an exact replica of this shed.

One of the influences to the look of the village is Andrew Wyeth, a famous Pennsylvanian artist. Andrew Wyeth had painted scenes in Chadds Ford. M. Night thought it was important to really get that Chadds Ford/Andrew Wyeth look in the film. He did this with the pictures that roll during the credits. Each picture taken of the village for the credits was given a certain look that really gave an Andrew Wyeth look to the place. Using moldings of the stone work around town was just an example of M. Night using that influence to create a place that looked and felt like an Andrew Wyeth painting in Chadds Ford.
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